Review : Paper Notes Classic Series Notebooks 

Hi Readers! A notebook can be a great way to catch ideas as they occur to you. Personalizing a basic notebook makes it your own. Keep Reading to find out more on the Personalised notebooks by the PaperNotesBrand.

About PaperNotes : 

Paper notes is created for the writing enthusiasts. The designs are inspired by a purist point of view , simple yet striking. They painskatingly craft their notebooks by providing all the necessary features without compromising your writing experience.

My Thoughts : 

As you all know, i always put the products to the test, regardless of their pretty designs. I got two notebooks from PaperNotes , Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook and the other is Classic Series No. 3 Mini Leaf Notebook. We will look into each of the characteristic side by side.


I chose two different colours that is Mint Blue and Mint Green. One of the best thing about these notebooks are, that they are customized. Customization always adds a personal touch to everything you own. Both of the notebooks are beautifully customized with the gold on the bottom right of the notebooks with my name on it. These are the soft bounded notebooks.


Notebooks are made with 80 GSM paper with altogether 200 Pages in it. I put it to the test but just as i expected it doesnt bleed or ghost on the back of the paper. As one of the notebook is lined and the other was dot grid, it was a fun experimenting two types of designs.

Elastic Closure

If you are like me, and put every other thing in your notebook you must know the struggle when there is no elastic closure present in your notebook. But thankfully Paper Notes know the drill. Both , the mini and the regular has elastic closures in it to protect the pages and the contents in between.

Back Pocket

I always love to decorate my journals and notebooks with stickers and like to keep it in a separate pouch so that i can access it whenever i need it. The notebooks have this back pocket which will contain all your little belongings. I use it to even put my paper ruler in it.

Page Markers

Mostly when the brands releases the mini versions of notebooks, it usually lack in one or two features of the regular version. Paper Notes do not disappoint me in this regard, as the mini version is exactly the copy of the bigger version. I havent seen the page markers in mini notebooks before. It is one of the very useful tool in any notebook.

Pen Holder

The Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook comes with an exception that it has a little elastic pen holder to put your pen in it, to keep it with your notebook all the time and convenient for travelling as well.

Pricing : 
Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook retails at 199 PISO which is approximately equals to 1360 PKR.

Classic Series No. 3 Mini Leaf Notebook retails at 299 PISO which is approximately equals to 2050 PKR.

Rating : 

5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell : 

I think these are the most affordable customized notebooks with the pricing point and the quality it is providing. I will highly recommend it.

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Stay Safe 😊

Review : Rutreat – Monthly Box Of Russian Snacks And Sweets 

Hi Peeps! A new craze to hit online mail subscription services is snack boxes. You can order monthly or bi-monthly boxes of tasty treats to be delivered right to your door. Rutreat, a treat and snacks subscription service from Russia, has been kind enough to let me try their Welcome Kit Keep Reading to see what was inside the box.

About Rutreat : 

Rutreat is a subscription service that delivers you a box of Russian snacks and sweets monthly.

Russia is a country inheriting over a thousand years of history. No surprise that in the course of these years people inhabited Russian lands developed many original recipes for all kind of foods, deserts and snacks. Rutreat box will include original Russian snacks and sweets as well as some localized versions of global products from many worldwide recognizable brands. It is a good way to explore something new, something that you can’t get in your local store.

Product Description : 

Rutreat is a box of snacks and sweets from Russia without subscription. You’ll pay only once, no obligations, no subscriptions. This is good if you not decided whether you want to subscribe or not. From the Welcome Kit you’ll get an idea if you need to subscribe. Each month you will get 1 KG of treats in a box.

My Thoughts : 

The most impressive feature of the box i found is that every single item was customized with the logo of FIFA WorldCup. There were a lot of treats just as i said approximately 1 KG, it was really fun to try all different treats which i havent tried before or even heard of. There were products ranging from teas to chocolates and everything. The most favourite item of the box was the kojic berries coated with sugar. It had a sweet and sour taste, both at once. The box arrived in 10 days, it did not costed me any custom charges or duties. The box came with a cute little post card represnting russia’s architect on it.

Pricing : 

It retails at $ 34.90 which is approximately 4842 Pakistani Rupees, which is fair enough for 1 Kilograms of treats and snacks.

Rating : 
4.5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell : 

Overall, i really like the contents of the box, it has variety , it is generous in quanity. Provides both quality and quantity. I ll recommend it! 

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Stay Safe ❤😊

Review : Boxcitement Surprise Subscription Box (Summer Vibes)

It can be all too easy to fall so deeply into a routine that your whole life becomes boring.  You might need to step out of your comfort zone in order to figure out what is missing from your life to make it more exciting. Talking about an excitement, It is described as a state of enthusiasm, stimulation or emotional arousal. If you feel that your life is lacking in these qualities, then you may want to make changes in order to create a more exciting life for yourself. Boxcitement is all about playing its part in one’s boring life. What makes it stand out from the other subscription boxes in market? Is that it is not curated, but created.

About Boxcitement: 

Boxcitement use innovative and unusual techniques and materials to create exclusively designed stationery, accessories, jewellery and homewares for our subscription boxes. Their team have many years’ combined experience in graphic design, fashion design, jewellery making and illustration, meaning their boxes ooze creativity – you just won’t find the range and uniqueness they offer anywhere else. Every month is completely different, so there will always be something unusual to look forward to when your Boxcitement consignment arrives.

My Thoughts:

This box is very different from which i have tried until now and same goes with the products. Lets get into each of them one by one : 

Packaging : 

Going with the theme of summer the packaging was all summery and colourful. The contents of the box came in a flat thick cardboard packaging, wrapped in the tissue, along with the content card and all the details of the products inside the box. To add a little something to the look they have added few confetti cutouts spreaded all over the box. I really liked the packaging overall.

Lip Balm 

I havent mention it before on my blog but i am obsessed with lip balms. Regardless what the shape , colour and size is , i cannot resist my urge to buy some when i see it. This is the basic lip balm, without any artificial colours and flavours in it with the cute quote “mwah” . Another addition in my collection.

Ice Cream Pendant : 

As summer is all about eating popsicles and icecreams to beat the heat, a cute little wooden icecream pendant has been added in the box. You can easily wear this on the beach without getting it rustic or wet.

Fish And Chips Pin

It is one of my favourite item in the box , cannot say enough good words about its quality. It is a metal enamel pin or a badge whatever you may call it with fish and chips on it. It goes perfectly with the overall beachy theme.

Sandwitch Bag

The most useful item in the box i will say, is the sandwitch bag. Have you ever been into a situation at the beach when you are eating something and you are full halfway. But you are in the middle of the sand and no place to put your leftover in. Here comes this bag that will save you from such situations. I absolutely loved the print on the fabric bag.

Weekly Planner 

Summer is the best season to plan your vacations. And to plan, what best than a handy planner. It is perfect to fit any of the hand bag or purse. It has seven days of the week pre printed all you can do is to write your to dos or plans for each day.

Summer Cards

A pack of beautifully printed beach inspired greeting cards have been added in the box. All the cards have the beach theme graphics printed on it. You can use these cards to invite your friends and family at the summer party at your home.

Fish Hanging

This is the cutest item in the box i guess, an aesthetic fish hanging made out of plaster of paris for decoration. It is packed in a little pouch to keep it save. I really like the fact that people at Boxcitement are very creative. How each item represent the way it is created is commendable.


4.5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell:

Boxcitement is very different from the traditional subscription boxes, which are curated, this box is created by the experts at their end.  I will 100% recommend you all to try this box once atleast.

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Stay Excited!🙂😍

My Picks ft.

About PandaPen:

Panda Pen is a UK based online stationery store which sells aesthetic and cute stationery ranging from washi tapes, stickers, pens, pouches, notebooks and more. They are providing free shipping on orders above £20.

My Picks:

So, here is my haul from . Lets get into each of the item one by one : 

Washi Tape – Mysterious Purple Shapes

Price : £2.29 or 3.90 PKR.

Deco Vintage Style Sticker

Price : £3.00 or 513 PKR.

Pink Dots – Stickers

Price : £2.25 or 384 PKR.

Flamingo Small Notebook

Price : £5.50 or 940 PKR.

Diary – My lovely Cat

Price : £3.99 or 682 PKR.

Metal Bird Scissors

Price : £3.99 or 682 PKR.

Colourful Life Pencil Case 

Price : £2.50 or 427 PKR.


5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell:

I will highly recommend this shop for all your stationery needs! Reliable and affordable! Got these little rose gold pins as a complimentary gift from the shop.

Connect With PenPanda:
Stay Safe😊

Review : Archer And Olive – Dot Grid Notebook

Bullet journal is a quick and flexible system that helps you track short and long term goals. You track what needs to get done. You also track significant events and milestones. While starting a bullet journal can seem confusing, with some patience and energy you will find a bullet journal is a great way to stay organized. You do not always need a fancy notebook to bullet journal. But there are always some factors to keep in mind while investing on one as you ll be using it all year long. If you are interested in getting know , What makes Archer And Olive Dot Grid Notebook my favourite bullet journal so far?? Keep Reading!

About Archer And Olive : 

Archer & Olive, a paper goods company named after two cats of the owner. They create handcrafted journals and planners that help you plan your days with intention, improve your mental health, and carve time out for creativity. They bring the same level of attention to their customer support as they do their high-quality paper products. They package and ship products everyday so you receive your order in the mail even sooner. 

Product Description : 

It is an A5 Dot Grid Notebook,  5.75 × 8.25″ with hardcover, and 160 dotted Pages.

My Thoughts : 

I have been bullet journaling for 2 and a half years now. Along the whole trying and testing process, i ve tried different kinds of bullet journals , thats why i always get excited to review the one i havent tried. Lets get into each characteristic one by one.

Design : 

I got the Archer and Olive signature bullet journal dot grid notebook in the design – Shooting Star. It has a linen hardcover with a little shooting star stamped on the front in the middle with silver. The all three edges of the bullet journal are rimmed with silver. The moment i hold the journal in my hands for the first time it was heavy and had that expensive luxury feel to it. I am really impressed by the sleek and modern design of this journal. It lays flat on the surface no matter which page you are at.

Paper : 

It has 160 Dot Grid Pages , not offwhite like the traditional bullet journals, but on the flip side very white pages. The pages are extremely thick, when i say extremely, mark my words, this bullet journal literally has the thickest pages i ve ever witnessed in any other bullet journal. Dots are very visible and sharp 0.5cm apart from each other.

Elastic Closure : 

Like any other bullet journal it has an elastic closure to hold the shape of the journal throughout the year. I tend to stick cutouts and belongings in my monthly spreads which makes the journal double in size at the end of the year, so it is a very useful feature in any bullet journal to add.

Pen Holder : 

I have been using the leuchttrum official bullet journal for the past 6 months , and what makes this Archer And Olive one step ahead, is this pen holder. I always carry my bullet journal on the go, and i always feel the need of having a pen holder in my journal. You do not need to carry a pencil case separately simply attach a pen and voila!

Pocket : 

A back pocket is attached to carry any bullet journal essentials like stickers, washi tapes or little stamps. I like to store my mini calenders and dot stickers to mark of my lists. 

Ribbons : 

Two ribbon bookmarks are present to mark any of your important pages, like i always go through my initial setup of the year while filling my monthly setups, so it has two of these to simply flip the page abd do the work, flip it back and you are done.

Gosting/Bleeding Test : 

If you are following me for a while i always put a product to the test to judge the product fully. I put it to test whether it bleeds or ghosts. Usually, in other bullet journals fineliners do not bleed, what causes a pain is brush pens. So i used my most pigmented one on one of the pages. And i am almost shocked that there is 0% of bleeding. I can 100% bet that watercolours or even acrylics will work best on this paper without leaving a watermark.

Rating : 


In A Nut Shell : 

I cannot say enough good things about this journal. It would not be a lie if i say this is the best bullet journal i ve ever tried. I think it has replace my love for leuchttrum1917. This will be my bullet journal for 2019 for sure!!

Connect With Archer And Olive : 

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Stay Safe 😊

Review : Zenpop Stationery Pack – November 2018 ( Winter Magic Pack )

Hi Readers! Finally, it is getting colder. Winter chills are a normal part of getting through winter. Have you ever noticed how harsh weather seems to drag the spirit down with it? Irritating cough to the sore throat and fever (or worse), is sure to make your life miserable for a few days. Stay safe and healthy! With that being said, This month, Zenpop Stationery Pack is all about the winter magic. Ranging from the Winter inspired washi tape to the Winter Snowman Pad, it has it all! Keep Reading.

About Zenpop:

ZenPop is located in Osaka, Japan. This service is brought to you by ZenMarket which is a Japanese online shopping and proxy service. ZenPop offers 5 kinds of packs Sweets Pack, Ramen pack, Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack, Beauty Pack, and Stationery Pack. Each Pack containing products that are all carefully selected and hand pick and hand packed just for you. You can subscribe for 3 or 6 months, or order and get one pack anytime you want! You will experience exclusive & cutting edge Japanese culture by getting the packs ZenPop offers.

ZenPop selects not just basic items, but also extra cute or elaborate products. Zenpop’s goal is for you to enjoy Japanese products or experience Japanese culture that may be hard to find outside of Japan, and it’s for everyone who wants to try something new!

Product Description:

Zenpop Stationery Pack includes 10 or more unique items from Japan, which comprises of stickers , washi tapes, writing utensils, sticky notes, notebooks and other accessories. This pack is available for one time purchases, and subscription plans also available. Zenpop provides Free International Shipping to most countries.


I must mention here that zenpop has put their effort in the packaging. The box is made out of a sturdy cardboard with a solid fun and bright coloured printing on it which is simple yet loud. The contents of the box are enclosed in a tissue paper to hold it in a place.

A beautiful thankyou note with a discount code for next order, and a pamphlet for all the details and description of the items included in a pack, plus a little japanese vocabulary that is fruits names , which needs to be mark 10/10.

My Thoughts : 

Lets talk about each of the item one by one!

2019 Desk Calender 

November is one of those months of the year when everyone already started shopping for their new year calenders, diaries and other essentials to welcome the new year to its fullest. It is a no surprise that zenpop has added a portable little desk calender to keep you all started for the next year. I really liked the size and it fits perfectly in my new bullet journal pocket.

Kokuyo Harinacs No Staple Stapler 

This is my favourite items in this months pack. Zenpop boxes always have that unique item which have my heart. Few months back they included the little glue stamp which has been my favourite since then. And once again one of the most unique and functional item has been added. This little stapler staple the papers together very well without using the staples. It folds the paper by punching a hole into it. Confused? No need to. As i have attached a lot of pictures to get you an idea! Voila!

Doggy One Point Marker 

The cutest item in the pack are these dog one point markers. Cute little dogs or puppies have been featured in these markers. They are great to bookmarks those quotes and important details while reading a book.

Winter Washi Tape 

Winter inspired washi tape is a must when we are talking about the winter magic theme. It has branches and cottons printed all over it. This washi tape is so aesthetic and another beautiful addition in my collection.

Winter Ippitsusen  

The name is sounding new and unknown right? Thats what zenpop’s packs are all about. You got to learn so much. So, ippitsusen means ‘one stroke paper’  which is used to quite a quick note. It is basically a winter themed paper pad with the beautiful winter drawings on the front , made me feel even cooler.

Winter Letter Set 

We all know that there are four seasons in the year,but not in the east asia. It is believed there that four seasons of the year are further divided into 6 micro seasons. They have included the letter set of 5 micro seasons of the year called rittou, shousetsu, taisetsu, shoukan, and daikan. Beautifully watercoloured illustrations are drawn on the letters.

Otoshidama Pochi Bukuro

Not as complicated as the name sounds. Just like we have “Eidee” here in Pakistan, where parents and relatives give Eidee to the children and the young ones on Eid, Similarly , In Japan Otoshidama is given in these special envelopes called pochi bukuro on every new year.

Shibanban Flake Stickers

As 2018 has been the year of dogs , washi stickers has been added to bit farewell to the dogs. All the stickers are related in someway or other to bring luck. I loved the quality and foil printing on the stickers. Cannot wait to create a spread with these.

Writing Utensils 

There are two writing tools are included in this months pack following : 

Kokuyo Beetle Tip Highlighter 

At first, i thought it is about the tip only, as it was looking like a beetle head, but when i searched about it i was overwhelmed by the way it has been created. It can be used to create thin strokes, double lines, or fat tip to highlight normally. I got it in the colour yellow, my favourite for sure!

Sakura Knock Ball Pen 

A very pretty glitter gel pen by sakura is a cute little addition in the pack. As the winter is all about sparkles, and glitters. This pen is very slim with commendable grip and smooth writing.


Zenpop stationery pack retails around $29.50 which is approximately 3400 PKR.  If you subscribe for 3 months you ll save $4.50 and if you subscribe for 6 months you ll save $12.00. Steal the deal and Enjoy!



Connect With Zenpop:

You can connect with zenpop on their official website, and their instagram as well. 

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My Picks ft. Happy Cute Shop

As a pop culture term, kawaii, pronounced “kah-wah-ee,” means cute in Japanese. It is a style that uses bright colors and characters. Cuteness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. While everyone has their own ideas about what makes another thing or person cute and attractive, there are some commonly accepted ideas about what characteristics make a thing cute. Happy Cute Shop is all about the cute things, cute characters, stationery, plush toys, home and fashion. If you want to see what i got from the shop and my thoughts on it. Keep Reading!

About Happy Cute Shop : 

Happy Cute Shop is a member of kawaii group that is a sister store of Blippo. Who doesnt know blippo right? Blippo is one of the biggest name in kawaii stores worldwide. Happy Cute Shop is the store designated to cute stuff especially gift items for girls which includes stationery and other life style products.

My Thoughts : 

Just as the name sounds  , happy cute shop is all about cute , kawaii stuff  , whether its a stationery related item or any stuff of  everyday routine. Anyways this was a little card indicating who packed my parcel. 😊

Kawaii Fruity Pouch 

It is an A5 sized pouch with a cute kiwi prints all over it. I loved the quality though. It has a huge space to store all your writing supplies. It can be used as a makeup pouch as well.

Kawaii Macaron Keychain Box 

Kawaii macaron keychain is one of my most favourite pick of the shop. It is a vanilla coloured macaron inspired keychain which is also a little box to store anything you desire. I use it to store some of my fake nails , and it is perfect for the job.

Blippo Pocket Mirror 

Blippo always comes up with exceptionally cute stuff. The moment i saw this pocket mirror, i knew i ll be getting it. It fits perfectly in my purse and very cute to flaunt with too.

Dream Explore Notebook

My love for notebooks is never ending. Love the quote on this little A6 notebook saying “Dream and Explore”. It has lined pages inside, a very travel friendly and super cute.

Animal Mouth Sticky Note

I got the cutest sticky notes in the shape of the mouth of a frog. Excuse me, if you read the word “Cute” 1369006427999 times, i cant help it. Everything is superrrrr cute! 

Pastel Eraser Pen

If you are familiar with the brand tombow, they have something similar like these by the name Tombow mono eraser, this is very similar to that. It is perfect to erase minute mistakes in your bullet journal with this.

Washi Tapes 

I got two washi tapes, one is autumn inspired masking tape, other is fabric washi tape with polka dots all over the surface. A stationery lover cannot have enough washi tapes. Agree??

So that were all of my picks from happy cute shop. But wait!! How is it possible to leave the lovely readers in aww with these cute items, without giving them away these cute supplies! So Happy Cute Shop is generous enough to giveaway their Happy Cute Surprise Bag.

You can enter the giveaway here : 

 Twentiesblissblog Happy Cute Giveaway

Rating : 

4 / 5 

In A Nut Shell : 

I loved visiting this shop, there are zillions of cute options to choose from. I ll definitely shop from here in the future, and highly recommend to every kawaii lover out there.

Contact Happy Cute Shop : 

Instagram :
Website :
Stay Cute 🤗❤