Review : Zenpop Stationery Pack – December 2018 (Lucky New Year Pack)

What is good luck for you? Your dreams and desires are the roots of the concept of “luck”.
As counter-intuitive as it may sound, if you want to have good luck, you’ll need to work for it. Good fortune is often lying around, waiting to be be noticed. Learn to recognize opportunities for good luck and take steps to actively invite that good luck into your life. Don’t fear black cats and broken mirrors any longer! Instead, change your behavior and mindset. The good luck will follow you! Read the full blogpost ahead featuring Zenpop lucky new year pack!!

​About Zenpop:  

ZenPop is located in Osaka, Japan. This service is brought to you by ZenMarket which is a Japanese online shopping and proxy service. ZenPop offers 5 kinds of packs Sweets Pack, Ramen pack, Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack, Beauty Pack, and Stationery Pack. Each Pack containing products that are all carefully selected and hand pick and hand packed just for you. You can subscribe for 3 or 6 months, or order and get one pack anytime you want! You will experience exclusive & cutting edge Japanese culture by getting the packs ZenPop offers.

ZenPop selects not just basic items, but also extra cute or elaborate products. Zenpop’s goal is for you to enjoy Japanese products or experience Japanese culture that may be hard to find outside of Japan, and it’s for everyone who wants to try something new!

Product Description:

Zenpop Stationery Pack includes 10 or more unique items from Japan, which comprises of stickers , washi tapes, writing utensils, sticky notes, notebooks and other accessories. This pack is available for one time purchases, and subscription plans also available. Zenpop provides Free International Shipping to most countries.

My Thoughts: 

So this month included not 10, not 11, but 12 full sized items, one extra item just as a gift from Zenpop. Lets get into it!


I must mention here that zenpop has put their effort in the packaging. The box is made out of a sturdy cardboard with a solid fun and bright coloured printing on it which is simple yet loud. The contents of the box are enclosed in a tissue paper to hold it in a place.
A beautiful thankyou note with a discount code for next order, and a pamphlet for all the details and description of the items included in a pack, plus a little japanese vocabulary that is fruits names , which needs to be mark 10/10.

Lucky Washi Tape

Lets start with one of my favourite item in the box , the lucky washi tape by Saien, I got it in the pattern , The seven deities of good fortune, i have always been a fan of geishas and kimonos with all that japanese vibes. I think it is my favourite washi tape in my collection of 500+ washis so far.

Daruma Brush Pen

So, when i first saw the sneak peak on Zenpop’s Instagram Handle, i was so excited to get my hands on it. This brush pen has two sides to it, one is a bit sturdy and big for bigger , bolder strokes, feels very similar to Sakura koi Brush Pens, while the other side was comparatively smaller and flexible, i havent used the flexible brush tip pens before, so i had to practice a little to get used to it. The ink of the pen is infused with sandalwood, which comes out once you write with it. Most unique feature for any pen to possess.

Schedule Sticker

The last month’s pack had a new year table top calender with it. As soon as i hold these stickers in my hand i knew, i ll be using these to mark off my calender. I got it in panda design, it is perfect to decorate your calender or planner with it, and very useful too.

2019 New Year Postcard 

Just as i mentioned in the last blogpost of  Zenpop November Pack, In Japan, for every year there is an animal that has been chosen as animal of the year, which is consider to bring luck the whole year. So , Boar is an animal of the year for 2019, thats the reason they have added these cards. The cards are beautifully printed with gold foiled. I just love these!!

Mamimu Memo

A Zenpop Stationery Pack is not complete without having a very unique, out of this world item in it. This time , it is this matchbox size memo pad which is called Mamimu, Ma stands for MatchBox, Mi for Mini and Mu or Mukashi for traditional or old. It is very sturdy and travel friendly , can be easily fit into purse on the go!!

Japanese Sweets Washi Stickers

Washi tapes are everywhere, and we all love it, Even washi stickers are no exception. They are made on the Japanese paper called washi. This time they have included japanese sweets washi stickers, with gold foiling here and there. Cannot wait to create my bullet journal spread with these!!

Pencil Sharpener

A cute sharpener has been added in the pack , i got it in pretty pastel green colour. It has a space to store your wood leftovers for a while, Much needed in my pencil case for travelling.

Sanrio Jewelled Pencil

It is one of the most beautiful pencil i have ever seen. The pencil is from Sanrio, and has a jewel studded on the back. I got it in the pom pom purin printed all over it. 

Mini Strap Pen

A mini strap pen is included, which i must say is very mini yet very useful. It can even fit your wallet. It has a little strap to it , you can attach it anywhere you like.

Japanese Sweets Sticky Notes

Another japanese sweets item, but this time sticky notes. It has japanese sweets printed all over the border. You can reserve it to use it for recipes or attach it into your food planner to take it to the next level.

Japanese Sweets Eraser

This time we got pencil , sharpener and yes an eraser as well. But not any ordinary one. Just like most of the other items , it represents japanese sweets as well. I got it in the shape of the fish.

Stickers – Japanese Breakfast                          ( Bonus Item)

Last but not the least, this time as a bonus item they have included japanese breakfast stickers. These are almost a dot in size, i will be using these to tick off my to do list in my bullet journal. It has miso soup, rice, cooked salmon, pickles and many other food items.



Zenpop stationery pack retails around $29.50 which is approximately 3400 PKR.  If you subscribe for 3 months you ll save $4.50 and if you subscribe for 6 months you ll save $12.00. Steal the deal and Enjoy!



In A Nut Shell:

I will 100% recommend every stationery love to try this box atleast for one time. It is a great value of money for such pretty things.

Connect With Zenpop:

You can connect with zenpop on their official website, and their instagram as well. 


Stay tuned until next time!



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