Review : Paper Notes Classic Series Notebooks 

Hi Readers! A notebook can be a great way to catch ideas as they occur to you. Personalizing a basic notebook makes it your own. Keep Reading to find out more on the Personalised notebooks by the PaperNotesBrand.

About PaperNotes : 

Paper notes is created for the writing enthusiasts. The designs are inspired by a purist point of view , simple yet striking. They painskatingly craft their notebooks by providing all the necessary features without compromising your writing experience.

My Thoughts : 

As you all know, i always put the products to the test, regardless of their pretty designs. I got two notebooks from PaperNotes , Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook and the other is Classic Series No. 3 Mini Leaf Notebook. We will look into each of the characteristic side by side.


I chose two different colours that is Mint Blue and Mint Green. One of the best thing about these notebooks are, that they are customized. Customization always adds a personal touch to everything you own. Both of the notebooks are beautifully customized with the gold on the bottom right of the notebooks with my name on it. These are the soft bounded notebooks.


Notebooks are made with 80 GSM paper with altogether 200 Pages in it. I put it to the test but just as i expected it doesnt bleed or ghost on the back of the paper. As one of the notebook is lined and the other was dot grid, it was a fun experimenting two types of designs.

Elastic Closure

If you are like me, and put every other thing in your notebook you must know the struggle when there is no elastic closure present in your notebook. But thankfully Paper Notes know the drill. Both , the mini and the regular has elastic closures in it to protect the pages and the contents in between.

Back Pocket

I always love to decorate my journals and notebooks with stickers and like to keep it in a separate pouch so that i can access it whenever i need it. The notebooks have this back pocket which will contain all your little belongings. I use it to even put my paper ruler in it.

Page Markers

Mostly when the brands releases the mini versions of notebooks, it usually lack in one or two features of the regular version. Paper Notes do not disappoint me in this regard, as the mini version is exactly the copy of the bigger version. I havent seen the page markers in mini notebooks before. It is one of the very useful tool in any notebook.

Pen Holder

The Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook comes with an exception that it has a little elastic pen holder to put your pen in it, to keep it with your notebook all the time and convenient for travelling as well.

Pricing : 
Classic Series No. 2 Mint Ruled Notebook retails at 199 PISO which is approximately equals to 1360 PKR.

Classic Series No. 3 Mini Leaf Notebook retails at 299 PISO which is approximately equals to 2050 PKR.

Rating : 

5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell : 

I think these are the most affordable customized notebooks with the pricing point and the quality it is providing. I will highly recommend it.

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Stay Safe 😊


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