Review : Rutreat – Monthly Box Of Russian Snacks And Sweets 

Hi Peeps! A new craze to hit online mail subscription services is snack boxes. You can order monthly or bi-monthly boxes of tasty treats to be delivered right to your door. Rutreat, a treat and snacks subscription service from Russia, has been kind enough to let me try their Welcome Kit Keep Reading to see what was inside the box.

About Rutreat : 

Rutreat is a subscription service that delivers you a box of Russian snacks and sweets monthly.

Russia is a country inheriting over a thousand years of history. No surprise that in the course of these years people inhabited Russian lands developed many original recipes for all kind of foods, deserts and snacks. Rutreat box will include original Russian snacks and sweets as well as some localized versions of global products from many worldwide recognizable brands. It is a good way to explore something new, something that you can’t get in your local store.

Product Description : 

Rutreat is a box of snacks and sweets from Russia without subscription. You’ll pay only once, no obligations, no subscriptions. This is good if you not decided whether you want to subscribe or not. From the Welcome Kit you’ll get an idea if you need to subscribe. Each month you will get 1 KG of treats in a box.

My Thoughts : 

The most impressive feature of the box i found is that every single item was customized with the logo of FIFA WorldCup. There were a lot of treats just as i said approximately 1 KG, it was really fun to try all different treats which i havent tried before or even heard of. There were products ranging from teas to chocolates and everything. The most favourite item of the box was the kojic berries coated with sugar. It had a sweet and sour taste, both at once. The box arrived in 10 days, it did not costed me any custom charges or duties. The box came with a cute little post card represnting russia’s architect on it.

Pricing : 

It retails at $ 34.90 which is approximately 4842 Pakistani Rupees, which is fair enough for 1 Kilograms of treats and snacks.

Rating : 
4.5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell : 

Overall, i really like the contents of the box, it has variety , it is generous in quanity. Provides both quality and quantity. I ll recommend it! 

Connect With Rutreat :

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Stay Safe ❤😊


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