Review : Boxcitement Surprise Subscription Box (Summer Vibes)

It can be all too easy to fall so deeply into a routine that your whole life becomes boring.  You might need to step out of your comfort zone in order to figure out what is missing from your life to make it more exciting. Talking about an excitement, It is described as a state of enthusiasm, stimulation or emotional arousal. If you feel that your life is lacking in these qualities, then you may want to make changes in order to create a more exciting life for yourself. Boxcitement is all about playing its part in one’s boring life. What makes it stand out from the other subscription boxes in market? Is that it is not curated, but created.

About Boxcitement: 

Boxcitement use innovative and unusual techniques and materials to create exclusively designed stationery, accessories, jewellery and homewares for our subscription boxes. Their team have many years’ combined experience in graphic design, fashion design, jewellery making and illustration, meaning their boxes ooze creativity – you just won’t find the range and uniqueness they offer anywhere else. Every month is completely different, so there will always be something unusual to look forward to when your Boxcitement consignment arrives.

My Thoughts:

This box is very different from which i have tried until now and same goes with the products. Lets get into each of them one by one : 

Packaging : 

Going with the theme of summer the packaging was all summery and colourful. The contents of the box came in a flat thick cardboard packaging, wrapped in the tissue, along with the content card and all the details of the products inside the box. To add a little something to the look they have added few confetti cutouts spreaded all over the box. I really liked the packaging overall.

Lip Balm 

I havent mention it before on my blog but i am obsessed with lip balms. Regardless what the shape , colour and size is , i cannot resist my urge to buy some when i see it. This is the basic lip balm, without any artificial colours and flavours in it with the cute quote “mwah” . Another addition in my collection.

Ice Cream Pendant : 

As summer is all about eating popsicles and icecreams to beat the heat, a cute little wooden icecream pendant has been added in the box. You can easily wear this on the beach without getting it rustic or wet.

Fish And Chips Pin

It is one of my favourite item in the box , cannot say enough good words about its quality. It is a metal enamel pin or a badge whatever you may call it with fish and chips on it. It goes perfectly with the overall beachy theme.

Sandwitch Bag

The most useful item in the box i will say, is the sandwitch bag. Have you ever been into a situation at the beach when you are eating something and you are full halfway. But you are in the middle of the sand and no place to put your leftover in. Here comes this bag that will save you from such situations. I absolutely loved the print on the fabric bag.

Weekly Planner 

Summer is the best season to plan your vacations. And to plan, what best than a handy planner. It is perfect to fit any of the hand bag or purse. It has seven days of the week pre printed all you can do is to write your to dos or plans for each day.

Summer Cards

A pack of beautifully printed beach inspired greeting cards have been added in the box. All the cards have the beach theme graphics printed on it. You can use these cards to invite your friends and family at the summer party at your home.

Fish Hanging

This is the cutest item in the box i guess, an aesthetic fish hanging made out of plaster of paris for decoration. It is packed in a little pouch to keep it save. I really like the fact that people at Boxcitement are very creative. How each item represent the way it is created is commendable.


4.5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell:

Boxcitement is very different from the traditional subscription boxes, which are curated, this box is created by the experts at their end.  I will 100% recommend you all to try this box once atleast.

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Stay Excited!🙂😍


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