My Picks ft.

About PandaPen:

Panda Pen is a UK based online stationery store which sells aesthetic and cute stationery ranging from washi tapes, stickers, pens, pouches, notebooks and more. They are providing free shipping on orders above £20.

My Picks:

So, here is my haul from . Lets get into each of the item one by one : 

Washi Tape – Mysterious Purple Shapes

Price : £2.29 or 3.90 PKR.

Deco Vintage Style Sticker

Price : £3.00 or 513 PKR.

Pink Dots – Stickers

Price : £2.25 or 384 PKR.

Flamingo Small Notebook

Price : £5.50 or 940 PKR.

Diary – My lovely Cat

Price : £3.99 or 682 PKR.

Metal Bird Scissors

Price : £3.99 or 682 PKR.

Colourful Life Pencil Case 

Price : £2.50 or 427 PKR.


5 / 5 

In A Nut Shell:

I will highly recommend this shop for all your stationery needs! Reliable and affordable! Got these little rose gold pins as a complimentary gift from the shop.

Connect With PenPanda:
Stay Safe😊


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