Review : Archer And Olive – Dot Grid Notebook

Bullet journal is a quick and flexible system that helps you track short and long term goals. You track what needs to get done. You also track significant events and milestones. While starting a bullet journal can seem confusing, with some patience and energy you will find a bullet journal is a great way to stay organized. You do not always need a fancy notebook to bullet journal. But there are always some factors to keep in mind while investing on one as you ll be using it all year long. If you are interested in getting know , What makes Archer And Olive Dot Grid Notebook my favourite bullet journal so far?? Keep Reading!

About Archer And Olive : 

Archer & Olive, a paper goods company named after two cats of the owner. They create handcrafted journals and planners that help you plan your days with intention, improve your mental health, and carve time out for creativity. They bring the same level of attention to their customer support as they do their high-quality paper products. They package and ship products everyday so you receive your order in the mail even sooner. 

Product Description : 

It is an A5 Dot Grid Notebook,  5.75 × 8.25″ with hardcover, and 160 dotted Pages.

My Thoughts : 

I have been bullet journaling for 2 and a half years now. Along the whole trying and testing process, i ve tried different kinds of bullet journals , thats why i always get excited to review the one i havent tried. Lets get into each characteristic one by one.

Design : 

I got the Archer and Olive signature bullet journal dot grid notebook in the design – Shooting Star. It has a linen hardcover with a little shooting star stamped on the front in the middle with silver. The all three edges of the bullet journal are rimmed with silver. The moment i hold the journal in my hands for the first time it was heavy and had that expensive luxury feel to it. I am really impressed by the sleek and modern design of this journal. It lays flat on the surface no matter which page you are at.

Paper : 

It has 160 Dot Grid Pages , not offwhite like the traditional bullet journals, but on the flip side very white pages. The pages are extremely thick, when i say extremely, mark my words, this bullet journal literally has the thickest pages i ve ever witnessed in any other bullet journal. Dots are very visible and sharp 0.5cm apart from each other.

Elastic Closure : 

Like any other bullet journal it has an elastic closure to hold the shape of the journal throughout the year. I tend to stick cutouts and belongings in my monthly spreads which makes the journal double in size at the end of the year, so it is a very useful feature in any bullet journal to add.

Pen Holder : 

I have been using the leuchttrum official bullet journal for the past 6 months , and what makes this Archer And Olive one step ahead, is this pen holder. I always carry my bullet journal on the go, and i always feel the need of having a pen holder in my journal. You do not need to carry a pencil case separately simply attach a pen and voila!

Pocket : 

A back pocket is attached to carry any bullet journal essentials like stickers, washi tapes or little stamps. I like to store my mini calenders and dot stickers to mark of my lists. 

Ribbons : 

Two ribbon bookmarks are present to mark any of your important pages, like i always go through my initial setup of the year while filling my monthly setups, so it has two of these to simply flip the page abd do the work, flip it back and you are done.

Gosting/Bleeding Test : 

If you are following me for a while i always put a product to the test to judge the product fully. I put it to test whether it bleeds or ghosts. Usually, in other bullet journals fineliners do not bleed, what causes a pain is brush pens. So i used my most pigmented one on one of the pages. And i am almost shocked that there is 0% of bleeding. I can 100% bet that watercolours or even acrylics will work best on this paper without leaving a watermark.

Rating : 


In A Nut Shell : 

I cannot say enough good things about this journal. It would not be a lie if i say this is the best bullet journal i ve ever tried. I think it has replace my love for leuchttrum1917. This will be my bullet journal for 2019 for sure!!

Connect With Archer And Olive : 

Website :

Instagram :

Product Link :

Stay Safe 😊


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