Review : Conatural – Saffron Complexion Builder

Hi People ! I ve been trying out different moisturizers for my oily skin lately and still in the process to find which ll work best for my skin. No doubt Saffron is a highly priced spice and it has its own medicinal and health benefits but not only does it add a rich orange color to the dishes it is also a great ingredient to use in skincare products. It plays a vital role in building a clear complexion now we know. Many people have problems with their complexion. Some simple adjustments to our daily habits, skin care routine or diet can help us improve our complexion. I tried the Saffron Complexion Builder from Conatural as a moisturizer. Continue reading to know my verdict on it.

About Conatural :

Conatural began as the brain-child of two committed sisters who were sick and tired of seeing the government’s lack of regulation on the BIG skin and hair care companies.

After seeing so many good people diagnosed with illnesses ranging from cancer to alzheimer’s disease, they made the decision to create only 100% organic & natural hair and skin care products. Conatural is the only company in Pakistan selling organic and natural hair & skin care products.

Product Description :

Saffron Complexion Builder is an Ayurvedic gel based formulation containing pure saffron and Indian madder that have been relied upon through the ages to lighten and brighten the complexion. It also regulates melanin production and is an excellent moisturiser.

My thoughts :

I am a kind of a person who loves to try multiple products until i find the one which works best for me. I have combination to oily skin type which does not allows me to trust a moisturizer. But it is also a fact that my skin feels dehydrated if i do not use a moisturizer to really sink the moisture into my skin.

So when i got this Saffron Complexion Builder i was really looking forward to whether it will work for me or not. I used this product for about a month and now finally as i have run out of the whole jar it is the perfect time to share my final experience with this. I used it as a night cream after cleansing and toning as a moisturizer and wash it the next morning. This product is a gel like in texture with a little threads of saffron infused in it. It is obviously not as heavy as creams and lotions.

First of all it didnot break me out. It hydrates the skin once you blend it out into your skin but do not makes it greasy. It has a mild smell to it more on the pleasant side. I cannot tolerate over powering fragnances so it is also a plus point for me. The whole jar lasted me for about a month and some days. It retails at 1450 PKR . It has lighten my freckles to 40% i would say. I will be defintely repurchasing this.

Rating :


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