Review : Zenpop Stationery Pack – May 2018 (Fruits Basket)

Hi People, If you are not a student anymore, doesnt mean you cannot have cute stationery. For me, Nothing could have beaten the fun and satisfaction of picking cute stationery at malls so the designs and additions can be entirely of my own choice until the subscription boxes came into existence. Getting a box full of cute stationery items is a bliss. Excitement shoots up even more, when the contents of a box are not revealed and every month there is a little surprise waiting for you. But do not let your love for stationery fool you as not all subscription boxes provide quality and value of money. Today i am going to review one of the most raved subscription box that is Zenpop Stationery Pack.

About Zenpop:  

ZenPop is located in Osaka, Japan. This service is brought to you by ZenMarket which is a Japanese online shopping and proxy service. ZenPop offers 5 kinds of packs Sweets Pack, Ramen pack, Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack, Beauty Pack, and Stationery Pack. Each Pack containing products that are all carefully selected and hand pick and hand packed just for you. You can subscribe for 3 or 6 months, or order and get one pack anytime you want! You will experience exclusive & cutting edge Japanese culture by getting the packs ZenPop offers.

ZenPop selects not just basic items, but also extra cute or elaborate products. Zenpop’s goal is for you to enjoy Japanese products or experience Japanese culture that may be hard to find outside of Japan, and it’s for everyone who wants to try something new!

Product Description:

Zenpop Stationery Pack includes 10 or more unique items from Japan, which comprises of stickers , washi tapes, writing utensils, sticky notes, notebooks and other accessories. This pack is available for one time purchases, and subscription plans also available. Zenpop provides Free International Shipping to most countries.

My Thoughts: 

First of all, i cannot deny the fact that i loved the box overall, every item in the box is very cute, and useful for every stationery user. It has almost every item from each category of stationery. Lets get deeper into the items one by one. 


I must mention here that zenpop has put their effort in the packaging. The box is made out of a sturdy cardboard with a solid fun and bright coloured printing on it which is simple yet loud. The contents of the box are enclosed in a tissue paper to hold it in a place.


A beautiful thankyou note with a discount code for next order, and a pamphlet for all the details and description of the items included in a pack, plus a little japanese vocabulary that is fruits names , which needs to be mark 10/10.

Melty Cafe Pencil Sharpener

It is a cute coffee cup inspired sharpener that store pencil shavings inside it, almost like a little container for your shavings. I was really impressed by the packaging of this sharpener, so i thought why not put it to the test if it sharp that well too. And results were just as good as the packaging.

Fruit Scissors With Magnet 

At a first sight, i thought it is one of those decorative fake fruit items we stick on our refrigerators until i turn it back and saw this cute little scissor popping out of it. Above all the cuteness , It sticks really well on any metal object but as we can see, it is a really fine scissor too. I got it in ‘banana’.

AIUEO Fruits – Chan Sticky Notes 

One of my favourite item from this months box is these super fun sticky notes, with the little fruits bordering the edges. It has a really well sticking power too.

Kiguru-Me Ring Notebook

The box contains the only notebook but the most good one. Kigurumi is a japanese word which means animals suit. If you look closely you ll see each one of the penguins is wearing a clothes. So this is a really cool concept to incorporate in a notebook. I love the quality of a paper, ink doesnt bleed through it and it is very well made too.

Schedule Stickers 

The pack includes a sheet of vinyl stickers which were so pigmented and clear. I got it in the type ‘book lovers’ , which includes little book stickers, pencils , borders and some corners for bookmarking.

Washi Tapes 

This months pack included two washi tapes.

Fruit Washi Tape 

Fruit washi tape is from BGM, who no doubt has the most beautiful washis ever. The whole tape has little watercoloured fruits handpainted on it. I love it the most of all the items.

Rainbow Washi Tape 

Rainbow washi is the bonus item in the pack, basically you do not pay for it, they ll send you as a bonus item if you subscibe to zenpop. It is a multi purpose washi, which is use to decorate your journals but to list your things as well.

3D Fruit Memo Pad

The most unique item in the box is this 3d fruit memo, which is memo but not a regular one. All you have to do is to open it up and clip it shut, and you ll end up with a beautiful fruit lying on your table. One can barely tell its not a real fruit. I got in the ‘pear’ but it comes in apple and lemon too.

Mini Letter Set 

Cute mini letter set has little envelopes and little sheets with strawberry printed all over it. Talking about the strawberry, Japan has this unique event held every year in most strawberry farms from february to May , where you can pick and eat your desire fruits while you are at the farm. Sounds really interesting.

Writing Utensils 

The pack included four writing utensils which are : 


Rushon Petite Waterbased Ink Pen 

It is a waterbased fine liner pen with a really pigmented ink, i got it in the colour emerald, it is perfect for taking notes and writing random stuff.

Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen

Sai water colour pen is the most favourite of mine above all of the writing utensils present in the pack. It is so smooth and easy to work with. The brush tip is versatile and soft. Perfect for brush lettering or modern calligraphy.

Yummy Stationery Wooden Pencil 

I got this cute pencil which has little bunnys all over it. It is so cute that i feel like i cannot waste it by using it. But as always, i put it to the test and the wood is really best quality, no doubt.

Platinum Pens – Surprise Item 

Platinum pen is a surprise item in this month’s box. I got the zero shine mechanical pencil, and it is no doubt the best mechanical pencil ever.


Zenpop stationery pack retails around $29.50 which is approximately 3400 PKR.  If you subscribe for 3 months you ll save $4.50 and if you subscribe for 6 months you ll save $12.00. Steal the deal and Enjoy!



In A Nut Shell:

I will 100% recommend every stationery love to try this box atleast for one time. It is a great value of money for such pretty things.

Connect With Zenpop:

You can connect with zenpop on their official website, and their instagram as well. 


Stay tuned until next time!



Review : Stifflexible High Range Notebook

Throughout the history, people from all walks of life have found it rewarding to keep a notebook on hand. Atleast, i always feel the need of a pen and a paper to get my life on track. You can record your conversations and activities from each day, or you can set down your thoughts and narratives that run behind your day-to-day existence. But we also cannot deny the fact that this world is full of unbelievably creative people. And this is where the concept of Stifflexible arises. A notebook, but a very different one. Keep Reading for all the details.

About Stifflexible :

The origins of the company date back to 1953, the year in which Angelo Mazzuoli, started the Mazzuoli typography and produced notepads and address books for the Florentine leather industry. Stifflexible is an innovative system that has a hard (stiff) but flexible cover. With his sons entering the company, the activity is expanded by completely personalizing Stifflexible notebooks and planners and initiating collaborations with important national and international brands.

Product Description :

Stifflexible High range notebooks are :

Composed of 192 pages of which 144 are striped, 32 smooth, 16 squaredThe checkered pages are perforated and easily detachablePatented Stifflexible cover.The product is FSC certified.

My thoughts :

As soon i read the word “stifflexible” , a thought came in my mind how can anything be stiff and flexible at the same time??. If you have thought the same than this stifflexible notebook is the answer. Unlike any ordinary notebook its cover is stiff or hard yet flexible at the same time. Thumbs up for this innovative creation. The idea is very unique and out of the box. No doubt, it is one of the most unique notebooks ever created.

The notebook itself is divided into three sections , one is designated for taking notes with lined pages, second section with blank pages, and the third one with squared pages for doodling and stuff.

It comes with a cardboard ruler which is a really standout feature to be existed in any notebook.

The quality of the paper is remarkable. It doesnt bleed while writing with a fountain pen. Just like the any other good notebook it has a pocket at the end of the notebook to organise your posts it, stickers etc.

Stifflexible High Range Notebook has an elastic closure to really hold the papers in place plus it is putting the whole look together.

We often tend to put papers , polaroids and stuff in our journals so it is perfect to hold it perfectly. It comes in a huge variety of different designs and collections. This is made in Italy with all the love and perfection. It is priced at EUR 14.10 which is 1900 PKR and can be shipped to Pakistan.

Rating :

4.5 / 5

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Review : Ayeina’s Gratitude Journal “Alhamdulillah For Series”

Hi People! There is a good reason to believe that people who cultivate thankfulness tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t. Thankful people appreciate what they have instead of obsessing over what they lack. While some people may naturally be more thankful, don’t assume that you cannot nurture a more thankful perspective in your own life. It may not be easy, but you’ll be thankful that you made the effort. Thankfully i got this gratitude journal from Ayeina. I could not have wait enough to share my thoughts and perspective on it.

About Ayeina:

Ayeina is founded by two mom blogger sisters who are passionate about islamic upbringing of the kids and adults. Started with the simple handmade illustrations , they are now serving in many muslim countries with their gratitude and productivity journals.

Product Description :

The gratitude journal has been divided into 4 main categories:

1. Alhamdulillah For Basic Necessities.

2. Alhamdulillah For Ties That Bind (relationships).

3. AlhamdulillahFor Islam.

4. AlhamdulillahFor Everything (in general).

Since the book is full of handmade watercolor illustrations (7 illustrations for each week and more), it will appeal kids and help them learn and focus on gratitude and positivity. There is a section for each day to write Just ONE Alhamdulillah a day. One thing you were grateful for in a whole day. In the “notes” section at the end of your 31-day list, you can write down what you felt after one month of your Alhamdulillah journey.

My Thoughts :

In this high-tech age of smartphones and struggle we often forget to thank our creator for the million of things we should be thankful for. You’ll need to identify things to be grateful for. This #alhamdulillahforseries journal makes me notice the little things i am thankful for, like my morning cup of coffee or my pillow when i lay down to go to sleep at night.

The best thing which happens to me after getting this journal is to let each of my family member have a turn to discuss what made them thankful that day. It made me record my reasons to be thankful each day in order to cement them in my memory. I ve learned that, It doesn’t matter how difficult your life is at the moment, there is always something to be thankful for. Finding that will help you deal with the other parts of life.

This gratitude journal will let you record about one thing you’re thankful for every single day. These can be things as simple as “the sun was shining,” or they can be as big as “i got a degree” . Spend a little time each day reflecting on the things you’re most grateful for. You may even find that you have more than one thing you want to record.

When i was having a particularly difficult time, it was beneficial to go back to what i’ve written previously. If it’s a really hard time, find the smallest things that you can be grateful for. For example, even if you have a terminal illness, you can be grateful for things like someone bringing you dinner, a warm bed, or your cat snuggling with you.

All these little things can make the trauma of the big thing (the illness) more bearable. Think about people who do not have it, and how much they need it.

Just because you learn to be thankful doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen, or that you won’t be affected by the things that do happen. It can simply help to make the things that happen easier to deal with and not as draining for your mental health.

It comes is three different versions including Digital which retails at $5 or 580 PKR , Soft Cover (Arabic And English) $10 or 1160 PKR , and Hardcover $18 or 2085 PKR.

In A Nut Shell:

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can work on controlling how you respond to things.

Highly Recommend this journal to every one.

Rating :


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Review : Leegeeham Matcha Clay Pack

Hi Peeps ! Its been many days since i last posted on my blog. Life can start to feel colorless if you spend all your time working or attending to responsibilities. Taking time out for you may help to put your personal life in a different light. After a quick break, now i am finally back to business. During this whole period of rest, i ve been trying out different products especially face masks. Everyone will agree facial masks can help a face go from dry and dull to soft and bright. I ve been sent this newly launched Matcha clay pack by leegeehaam to test out. If you have not heard about matcha powder. Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea. Green tea is a wonderful beverage with potential health benefits but now studies have recently found that matcha is beneficial to the skin by calming redness and inflammation. To know my full thoughts on the product, keep reading!

About Leegeehaam :

Leegeehaam (LGH) Cosmetics was first established in year 2000 and it pioneered the concept of cosmeceutical in Korea with its innovative products, each specialized in treating specific skin concern. Leegeehaam(LGH) Research & Development Center is playing an important role in developing more professional skin care by carrying out systematic and scientific research on formula to create highly sought-after products around the world.

Product Description :

Matcha Clay Pack is a wash-off type face mask with antioxidant-rich matcha purifying and detoxifying dull skin. It helps to tighten enlarged pores as it dries, maintaining skin smooth and revitalized.

My Thoughts :

As i had already tried many of the leegeehaam’s products before, especially the pink gel is my most hearted facial cleanser of all time. I had high expectations from this face mask as well. Matcha clay pack comes in a round container with 110gm of product in it. It has matcha and clay as a main ingredients.

Matcha powdered green tea is famous for its anti oxidants and anti aging properties while the clay help dead skin cells and sebum in pores to be absorbed for clearer complexion. Just like any other clay mask it is thick in consistency and dries into a matte finish on the face.

I always prefer fragnant free products and luckily it has a very mild scent to it. I applied it with the spatula that comes with it. As soon as it starts drying you ll feel your skin tightning a bit. I wash it off after 20 minutes.

This mask doesnt dries out my skin, but it is more on the moisturizing side unlike other clay masks and leave your skin softer and brighter. It has a tendency to shrink large pores for sure. Initially, little bit of redness was there but after a minute or two it was completely gone. It doesnt cause me any reaction. And i am pretty sure i ll run out of it soon. It retails at $16.99 which is equals to 1870 PKR. I ll highly recommend this product.

Rating :

5 / 5

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If you are interested in buying this product, check this link :

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Review : Central Crafts’ Leatherkind Capri Personalised Leather Journal

Hi Pals! It’s a no surprise for my readers that i have been talking about importance of keeping a journal and reviewed different kinds of journals on my blog lately. As i mentioned many times, journaling is a way to process feelings in the moment. If you feel overwhelmed, you might be able to release some of the tension by simply setting your thoughts down on paper. But, Are you fed up with the plain and rather boring cover on the front page of your journal? Stare no longer, because i am back with the journal review, but this time not any ordinary one. I ll be sharing my thoughts on the LeatherKind Capri Journal by Central Crafts!

About Central Crafts :

Central Crafts is a UK based online store that sells a wide range of handmade products. They find value in the craftmanship. Some of their product range includes personalised leather journals, notebooks , home goods, decoration pieces and more.

Product Description :

Capri is a contemporary yet delectably simple collection of journals which are created using sensuously soft, superior quality Italian leather. Charmingly presented in an array of Tuscan shades. Made in italy by the small business run by a family!

My Thoughts :

Objects made of leather are a class apart from any synthetic fiber due to their natural, rich and elegant finish. First of all, we cannot deny that leather-bound books are classic and not very common to see. This personalised leather journal is very different from any other journal, as it is more inspired by the travelers notebook.

It has a leather envelope style wrap so you can basically tie it to close it. This journal is very well hand bounded that one can barely tell. I loved how this leather embossed journal came customized with my name embossed on it.

Best of all, you get to control exactly what kind of paper you use, and what size the book ends up. The leather cover doesnt feel like anything rigid, instead it is smooth and soft with a flexibility.

They used thin kind of leather and not the upholstery kind, that’s too thick because the thinner the leather, the better. The journal is very light in weight. This journal is avaiable in 7 classic shades that can barely seen in journals, which makes it very unique and appealing. I had a hard time choosing colours , as all of the seven shades are so beautiful.

You can customize the inner pages according to your need by keeping it plain or lined, it comes ivory in colour, the best thing is that you can have acid free paper in this journal. Ink doesnt bleed on the pages. It retails at £43 which is equal to 6618 PKR. And not to forget, it comes in a cute little cotton bag.

If you want that extraordinary and unique journal with the great specs you ll must have it. I ll highly recommend getting this!

Rating :


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If you are interested in buying this journal you can hit the link below:


Review : Skincare Products By Hemani Herbal

Hi Beauties! No matter how many expensive masks we use, how much we spend to get that detox facials and peels we always have that day when we mix some products from our pantry and enjoy at home spa day. It has seen from centuries that herbal remedies always been a gentler method for treating skin related problems. Not only skincare, herbal tea use to be the perfect natural substitute to taking pills and cough medicine. Everyone will agree that natural remedies are useful for preventing excessive trips to the doctor. Hemani herbal was kind enough to send me some products to try, and here comes my verdict on the products.

About Hemani Herbal :

Hemani Group established since 1949, has vast experience in the field of herbal trade. This has been transferred in the production of herbal products to benefit the consumers in the most natural way. The production takes place under strong quality control to provide the best quality essential for healthy living.

My Thoughts :

I ve been sent a bunch of skincare products to try. We ll look into each product one by one.

Face Mask With Macadamia :

Macadamia nuts are known for being the most difficult nut to crack. I havent used macadamia as one of the ingredients in my skincare routine until i got this one.

So this mask can be used for multi purposes. I have used it as a mask, applied it, leave it for 15 minutes and rinsed it. Or you can use it as a skin polish to simply apply it , massage into your skin for 5 minutes and wash it off.

I ve tried it both ways and this has become one of my favourite masks. It has a strong perfume like fragnance to it. Fragrance free masks are best if you have acne, since they won’t irritate your skin further, but if you have normal to oily or even combination skin this will work best. Its priced at 700 PKR.

Pomegranate And Aloevera Scrub :

Pomegranates are anti-aging fruits and they have high amounts of antioxidants. In older times, people use the peels of this fruit to create a daily facial wash. And aloevera is a common plant which is known for its benefits for the skin.

This scrub is great for exfoliating and they it dont dry out your skin like salt scrubs or have negative environmental impact like beaded scrubs. It has a very gentle feel to it when applied. It definitely smells wonderful just as a pomegranate.

Its priced at 275 PKR which makes it very affordable. You can also use it as a mask to get the softer skin.

Hemani Moisturizing Cream With Black Seed :

Moisturizing should be a part of everyone’s facial skincare routine, especially in winters. I tried this black seed moisturizing cream after cleansing my face day and night for about 3 days.

It has a pleasant perfume like smell to it but not overpowering which ll give you a headache. This cream does a lot of awesome things for your skin, including protecting it from the elements and rehydrating it. It is water-based so it does not clog the pores. It is much thinner in consistency, dries into the skin faster and requires a larger amount to be used. It comes in a tub container and holds 150g of cream in it.

It retails at almost 550 PKR which is reasonable for this much quantity.
When you use a product that is too rich for your skin, your pores can’t absorb it, so thats one of pros of this cream, as it is very light in texture. This product contains an alcohol, if you have a sensitive or acne prone skin, this might not work best for you. Other major ingredients include black seed, glycerin, and vitamin E, each three of these are known for their benefits for skin.

This product claims to reduce spots and freckles, i cannot jump into any conclusion regarding that as i ve not used it for a longer period of time. Packaging should be mark 10/10.

Youthful Cleansing Micellar Water :

Removing your makeup every day is an important part of taking care of your skin, but using the wrong makeup remover can cause more damage than good.

The best thing about this makeup remover is that it does not have alcohol. However, exposing your skin to alcohol-based removers on a regular basis can damage your skin over time, so avoid using them when you can. This makeup remover is one of those that will dissolve your makeup more quickly.

This is also the best type of remover if you’re in a hurry since you’ll really only need one wipe. Its priced at 665 PKR. It has a mild fragnance to it. It really does the job in removing mascaras and stuborn makeup residues.

Natural Rose Water :

Rose water is an excellent natural beauty product. It has been used for centuries as a natural and effective skincare product. Rosewater has many beneficial properties, including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

This rose water has a sweet smell to it, slightly different from any other rose water, but in a good way, it feels as if it is made by pressing hundreds of roses. I use it as a toner to re-balance my skin’s natural pH. It is an excellent replacement for toners with alcohol. To have it at home is as wonderful as anything you’d splurge a lot of money on. Hemani Rose water facial spray retails at 135 PKR.

It comes in a 120 ml spray bottle which makes it super easy to use.

In A Nut Shell :

Overall, I am really impressed with the products and the herbal approach they have opt for. Products are gentle, none of the above listed products caused me any reaction, but i always recommend to take a skin test on the back of your hand before using any new product. Cherry on top, they are super economical as well.

Dont Forget to watch my video on Hemani herbal Kajal :

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Review : Pocket Notebooks

Hi Beauties! I always had a hard time remembering passwords and those important dates i want to keep in my mind for future references. Obviously, we are living in a high tech age where everything has now shrinked into this most used device we call smartphone. No matter how many features i ve own in my phone, nothing can replace my need of writing in a pocket notebook. Pocket notebooks are handy and useful tools. Its been a year since i started keeping one in my handbag everywhere i go. Thankfully i got the opportunity to review some pocket notebooks by Pocket Notebooks ( A brand of pocket sized notebooks based in UK ). Lets get deeper into it.

About Pocket Notebooks :

Pocket Notebooks is a company based in United Kingdom founded by Tony Short. From a very young age, Tony has been fascinated with stationery. As beautifully described by the company, ” A pocket notebook is a gateway to another world. A place that some of us loved but left behind, and a place that some have not yet visited. Our lives are increasingly digitized. To open a notebook and make a mark on the paper with a pen or pencil opens a wealth of creative opportunities. There are tasks that are brilliantly handled by technology. There are some that still work brilliantly well in a notebook.

My Thoughts :

So, i have been sent three different brands and kinds of pocket notebooks to test out. We ll look into each one of them indivisually.

Packaging :

I usually do not always rant about the packaging but only of those which deserves to be complemented on. All of the notebooks came beautifully wrapped into deep purple wrapping paper, and finished with a sticker on top. The packaging was compact and sleek. It is a perfect gift item if you just want to purchase and directly send it to someone as its packaging it all nice and cute. Moving into the notebooks.

Silvine Original Pocket 3 – Pack :

Silvine pocket notebooks came in a pack of three. These notebooks have a perfect red colour with plain pages inside.

The best thing about these particular pocket notebooks is that it has perforated pages , means you can rip it off when needed. It has altogether 20 pages. It is super travel friendly in size, or you can say exactly the size of a pocket.

They have Kept things plain and dignified by simply writing the name and the title of the booklet on the front cover.

It is binded by sewing, no glue. Each indivisual silvine comes with a little bookmark which is making it all classy. It retails at £7.00 which is almost 1030 PKR.

Papio Press – Sloths (Twin Pack) :

These pocket notebooks from papio press came in a pack of two. One is lined, other has plain pages. Each one of them has 48 pages.

Its A6 size is not as small as the pocket size but it can easily fit into any purse. The most profounding characteristic of these pocket notebooks is that they are made of 100% recycled paper.

This pocket sized tool will give you the freedom to write on the go without the hassle. It retails at £5.00 which is equal to approx. 735 PKR.

Esmie Paperback Notebook White Blossom/ Pink :

Esmie pocket notebooks are my all time favourite due to their decent and girly prints and designs.

I must say, they ve done a great job when it comes to the cover page. It has printed with a sweet floral design of cherry blossoms with a hint of gold.

It has 28 blank , offwhite and sewn with a colour thread. And cherry on the top, it is handmade. It retails at £5.00 equals to 735 PKR.

In A Nut Shell :

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to your regular notebook or you want something a little smaller, go for these pocket sized notebooks to keep with you when you’re out and about.

Rating :


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